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Swaim and Associates, Inc. is your one stop shop

Individual Solutions - we sell the products of multiple dust collection equipment manufacturers. No single manufacturer has a filtration unit to economically meet every situation. There are many different types of dust in many different applications and, the collection systems have to be able to fit in many different budgets. We can find you the right solution from one of our many reputable and trusted manufacturers. Complete Solutions - we can meet any and all of your dust collection and filtration needs. We sell, service, and install, filters, dust collectors, pipe, exhaust fans, dust blowers, and all other accessories required to operate in a clean and safe manufacturing facility. At SAI, we know how important it is to provide the customer with a complete solution and one point of contact for that solution.
Customer Service - we understand what it takes to earn your business and keep your business. We value all our customers the same and we will be there when you need our support. We understand that a dust collection system is the heart of many manufacturing facilities. If the filtration system goes down, that means down time for production, which can be very costly. That is why SAI is the most available and fastest acting dust collection company around, just call to get referrals and ask our customers yourself. Most small duct orders can ship within 24hrs, and our technical staff is available 24 hrs a day. Engineering - each dust and air system, each piece of ductwork, and each accessory is spec'd by an experienced engineer to provide the best results. All equipment is provided to fulfill the customers requirements as well as their budget. With more and more OSHA regulations in the manufacturing place, it is very important that all systems operate as designed to keep your building and staff as safe as possible. Our staff has a combined 30 plus years experience in air system and dust collection design. Call one of our degreed engineers today.