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Dust Collection and Industrial Ventilation Accessories

Material & Air Handling Fans

Dust Collection Fan
Material handling fans and air exhaust fans are available in all sizes with air capacities up to 80,000 cfm. Blowers and fans come in belt driven and direct driven configurations.

Rotary Airlock Valves

Rotary Airlock
Airlock rotary valve discharges create a pressure seal allowing material to exit a positively pressured collector slowly.

Electrical Components

Electrical Components
PLC Control Panels integrate all electrical components of a dust collection system for maximum performance. Custom panels available for existing systems.

Screw Augers

Screw Augers
Screw Augers are used to mechanically covey material horizontally or at an angle.

Bucket Conveyors

Bucket Conveyor
Bucket Conveyor are used to mechanically covey material vertically. Good for taking waste from the low discharge of a collector up to a silo or truck loading station.

Custom Fabricated Structures

We can design and fabricate Custom Structural Steel for collector structures, pipe stands, catwalks and ladders.

Spark Detection

Spark Detection
Spark Detection is used to prevent fires and explosions in collectors and is required by the NFPA guidelines when conveying flammable material.

High Speed Abort Gates

High Speed Abort Gates
Hi Speed Abort Gates are used when returning exhaust air. They abort any fire that may otherwise be re-circulated back into the building.