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Indoor Baghouse Dust Collectors

Manual Baghouse Dust Collectors
Baghouse dust collectors are a high efficiency design which are engineered to handle applications involving large wood or plastic dust volumes in either coarse, mixed or fine material.You can place these bag filters inside making them a very cost effective clean air solution. This cuts down on the amount of ductwork needed, and you keep your warm/cold air inside your facility.

The indoor baghouse collectors can handle air capacities from 1,000 to 10,000 cfm. These indoor bag style collectors are cleaned manually by shaking the filter bags.

The filters are also designed to integrate a variety of collector options, such as disposal plastic bags, 55-gallon steel drums, tilt trucks (plastic bins), or dust transfer systems.
Indoor Bag FilterThe modular filter technology makes it possible to increase air capacity with the addition of filter modules. Your dust collection system can grow as you do. The fans can also be upgraded allowing you to increase your fans capacity without replacing the whole fan. Simply switch out the impeller and the motor to get the extra air you need.
Indoor Dust Collector

Pulse Jet Baghouse Dust Collectors

Pukse Jet Baghouse
1. The clean air top section of the pulse jet baghouse contains the rows of the pulse jet pipes that clean the dirty filter bags.
2. The tube sheet supports the filter bags, cages and venturis. These can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement.
3. The venturi assemblies draw in extra air during the pulse cleaning of the bags to increase the removal of dust from the filter material.
4. The angled hopper funnel the dust and debris to the airlock for discharge of the material.
5. The inlet has a deflector that slows and diverts heavier material into the hopper. The lighter particles swirl up and rest on the outside of the filter bags until they are pulsed clean.
6. The dirty air chamber contains the filter bags that filter out all the dust and particles.
7. Compressed air flows through the compressed air header and out of the valves to clean the bags. The solenoids operate by a timer board that can be set to clean at different intervals.
8. Lifting rings are attached for easy installation and moving.
Baghouse Dust Collector

Reverse Air Baghouse Dust Collector

Reverse Air Baghouse
Reverse Air Filters are engineered for efficient operation in demanding installations with high airflow and high dust loads. Mechanical simplicity makes these weather-tight filters mechanically superior. They’ are more reliable, more durable, more economical, and maintain lower, more consistent emission levels than competing units.

The reverse air design utilizes an on-board direct-drive fan that minimizes energy consumption and maintenance costs by eliminating the need for compressed air or external blowers. Years of use by major processors in diverse industries attest to their outstanding long-term performance.
Reverse Air Dust Baghouse