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Clamp Together Ductwork Sizing Instructions

When installing a straight run of ductwork, it is very unusual that you will need only 5 foot sections of pipe to make your desired length. The beautiful advantage to using the Swaim and Associates clamp together ductwork, is that you can make custom lengths of pipe in the field by making one easy cut and installing a slip joint. Below is a step by step list of instructions on how to make a custom length of duct in the field.

Step 1

Measure the distance to be spanned. If you are trying to connect two branches together, and they need to be 23 feet apart, then you will need to make a 3 foot custom length of pipe. This 3 foot length of pipe will be added to 4) 5 foot lengths, to complete the total 23 foot length span of ductwork. Clamp Together Duct Assembly

Step 2

Subtract 4" from the total length needed. It is important to subtract 4" because this gives you some adjustment if your first measurement was not 100% accurate. You will be able to reduce or increase your original measured value by 4" if necessary. Clamp Together Ductwork Assembly

Step 3

Mark the pipe for cutting. It is important to have a solid level line for cutting so that you can keep your cut straight and clean. Use a tape measurer to mark the pipe all the way around so that your line stays straight. Clamp Together Pipe Assembly

Step 4

Cut the pipe. Use a sawzall to cut the pipe. You can also use electric metal shears. You will need to drill a pilot hole first when using shears. Drill the hole on the side of the mark that will not be used, then cut on the line with the shears. Dust Collection Duct Assembly

Step 5

Place the o ring from your slip joint assembly over the cut piece of pipe and roll it down. Slide the slip joint over the cut piece of pipe until it rest next to the o ring. Air Handling Duct Assembly

Step 6

Slide the slip joint and o ring together to make the assembly the desired length. One to the desired length, clamp the quick clamp over the o ring and rolled lip of the slip joint. Put pin through the clamp once shut. Industrial Duct Assembly

Step 7

Insert the custom length of pipe just made into the line of clamp together ductwork where needed. Position the section so that the airflow enters the cut piece of pipe first and flows down toward the end with the slip joint on it. This will ensure better airflow over the seam where the metal is over lapped. Ductwork Assembly