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A cyclone dust collector provides high-efficiency separation of dust and particulates from plant and process air. They can handle high temperatures, high moisture content, and high airflow. Cyclones are sometimes used as pre-filters to remove large, coarse, hot, or moist particles that could damage filter media in other types of collectors.

Cyclones are constructed of 12 gauge carbon steel. Weld splatter and slag are mechanically removed, the cyclones are washed with phoshphate detergent, primed with alkyd primer, and painted with acrylic industrial enamel.

Plenum After FiltersPlenum after filters are used when the air from a separator or cyclone needs to be returned inside of the building to retain heat. The afterfilters can be designed in a variety of configurations to fit in what ever space may be available. Plastic bags are attached to the bottom of the filter bags to catch the fine particles that flow through the cyclone.

Material Separators


The material separator is intended for separation of solid material from conveying air in positive or negative pressure systems. The design of the separator ensures a very low pressure drop. Moreover, because of the fact that the material drop-out is pressure free, other equipment, such as compactors and containers, can be connected directly to the separator without any problem.