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Disposable Filter Collectors

SPC Mini

The handheld fume collector is light weight and portable with a durable powder coated finish. It uses 5 layers of filters for maximum efficiency.

  • steel mesh captures sparks and large particles
  • two pre filters captures small particles and oils to extend pleated and HEPA filters life
  • pleated filter captures remaining fine particles
  • HEPA filters down to .3 micron catching noxious fumes
Adobe Handheld Collector(pdf)
Handheld Filters

Ambient Filters
Ambient units are designed to filter air impurities in either large working areas or confined rooms. Each unit offers the operator variable speed control and multiple filtration levels.

  • Constructed of heavy duty steel
  • Powder Coated
  • 2 stage filtration
  • Variable speed control with remote control
  • Timer with 3 settings
  • Filter gauge
  • Filters are easily replaceable with no tools required
  • Remote control included
Ambient Collector
Adobe Ambient Collector(pdf)

Disposable Portable Collector
The disposable filter portable collectors are great for source capture of fumes and fine dust. The collector comes with a metal mesh filter for sparks and larger particles, a pre filter to filter out small particles and oil, and the pleated filter to filter out remaining fine particles. Optional HEPA filters are available.

The unit also comes with an external dust drawer, a minihelic gauge, and a durable powder coated finish.