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Vecoplan Single-Shaft Rotary Grinders & Shredders

GrinderThese grinders offer a vast array of solutions for wood grinding, plastic grinding, paper shredding, mobile and plant -based document destruction, and waste recycling. ReTech "K" Series single-shaft rotary grinders are, quite simply, the finest rotary grinders made. Designed for processing plastic waste for reclamation and recycling, large extruder purgings, large reject parts, trim scraps, baled or loose film, synthetic fiber, wood processing scrap, medical waste, cardboard, paper and carpet, ReTech "K" Series rotary grinders are the ideal choice.  ReTech "U" Series rotary grinders are designed especially for size reduction of wood residue, trim blocks, panel scraps, furniture parts, pallets, dunnage, cardboard and paper, light plastics and medical waste. 

Grinder Hitorc HiTorc Drive- a direct drive system without any gear reducers or belt drives means providing even higher efficiency and noiseless operation. Grinder CuttersCutters for any application. Whether your grinding wood, plastic, or paper, Vecoplan makes the cutter for you.
Grinder RotorsThe ReTech design incorporates a heavy-duty, multiple piece cutting rotor assembly. It is engineered
for high torque cutting efficiency and quiet operation.
Grinder Panels Pre-wired control panels with touch pad interface and 3 preset programs optimize machine operations and safety functions by monitoring amperage, temperatures, pressures, directions, speeds and all safety switches.